Teko is a Japanese word for lever. A small lever on the chopstick works as a chopstick stand so that the front end doesnt touch the table. Also, it helps the chopsticks stick to each other. (Is this already used somewhere?)
Glass Pencil Sharpener

Its a small pencil sharpner made of glass.
The converging lens at the top gives you a good look at how much the pencil has been sharpened.
And wouldnt it be fun if the pencil crumbs looked floating in the air? Some people make even art out of pencil crumbs, so I think keeping them nicely would be much better than disposing right after the pencil is sharpened.

If all of your family members use chopsticks, there are twice as many sticks as the families. You know chopsticks are usually kept apart, so you have to find right pairs among all of them for each meal.
So something to pair up the chopsticks would be useful.
Tsugai is a chopstick rest made of metal that you can also use as a chopstick bundle when put in the kitchen cabinet.
It makes the chopsticks stay afloat, so it can keep the chopsticks clean.
Inside the back of it there is a magnet, so when it stands, it sticks with another one to support each other. (It stands itself alone of course though.)
Tsugai means a pair in Japanese.

Comic Phone

Wouldn't it be fun if the receiver pops out and start dancing in the air when you have an incoming call?
Basically it's a clock.
 It’s wirelessly connected to your PC and mobile phone; your calendar, schedule, email account are synced.
You get a notification with a peeled screen on a face.
The more serious the thing is, the wider it’s peeled.
Sora – Simple Clock Concept
A clock for your desk.
There’s a magnet on the back of the clock, so it stays on the v-shaped stand.
The stand has 7 days printed on it.
Hide the other days with the clock so that only the day of today is revealed.
Only 3 days are printed on one side (I couldn’t arrange more than that), so how about using the back side of the stand for Sunday?

It’s a clock that changes its style every day.
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