Cobalto & Zafiro
This is something a little different from my usual concepts. This time Itried to design gadgets that I want to see in a Sci-Fi movie like"Minority Report". I love the futuristic computer and the UX in themovie, but I was wondering what would it be like if I designed those stuff. Sothis time I just focused on look and feel of the devices.

I don't remember what the mobile phone is like that is used in the movie,but the glass computer screen remains vividly in my mind and I tried to use asmuch lucent stuff as possible.
With this deformable metal, you can have either the usual number buttonsor an iPod like dial.
LIke one of my previous concept "3D Desktop PC Concept", it wouldbe fun if this could create 3D objects in the air. With this device, you couldsee 3D holography on top of a 2D screen, so it would be really exciting.
I happened to be talked to by a Russian TV program, who wantedto feature my 3D desktop concept, so I also gave them this mobile phone conceptimages and 3D animation. Check out the animation too!

The desktop is also made of a glass screen and a round rim. This is notthe one that Tom Cruise makes that hand (or body) gesture to use. This is adesktop PC. That transparent disk used in Minority Report can be also insertedon the screen.The keyboard has the deformable metal and the keys get flattenedwhen not in use.
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